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  • ahfu25
    Apr 13, 12:03 PM
    I use the zagg shield on the back and front and my otterbox works perfect...you definitely will be fine!! Enjoy the vacation!!

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  • alexandre16
    Apr 22, 02:08 PM
    You'll want some guides to learn OpenGL, the graphics library many 2D games use.

    recommend a good book? I enjoyed learning to draw and make the interaction of objects with maps and create effects eg smoke coming out of a tube ... know some tutorials or books to help me learn it?

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  • dmw007
    Dec 17, 10:07 PM

    I use this site for my conversions.

    $400 = �225
    $500 = �282

    So yeah, you're right.

    I used the conversion widget that is included with Mac OS 10.4 and get the same thing (see, dashboard has its uses)-

    $400 = �225

    $500 = �282

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  • Mac'nCheese
    Mar 30, 05:48 PM
    Yes, i know a very quick and easy way to take mp3 files out of a youtube video. All you need is an email.

    Go to www.zamzar.com

    Then on the website where is says step one, click where it says url.

    Copy and paste the url of the youtube video you want to extract the audio from and paste it in the open space for a link. (BE CAREFUL: make sure you delete the "http://" that is already there because you don't want it to look like "http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fSFWCY0uxE")

    Then where it says step 2, choose mp3, which is a bit more than halfway down the list.

    For step 3, enter your email address like it says to.

    Then in step 4 click convert and when the window pops up click OK.

    Once you get the email go under the blue box where it says "Alternatively click on the following link to download a copy of your converted file:" and click on the link below which should take you to another window.

    After you click download in the new window it will download it and it should start playing on itunes or at least will be downloaded onto your computer.

    Thanks for the tip. I finished that other project but will save this advice for future need.

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  • TC25
    May 6, 11:11 AM
    That is correct. I've subscribed to their tethering plan but the personal hotspot item doesnt show up under settings/network. I'm guessing at this point that something about the jailbreak is suppressing this - or perhaps the mywi install?

    If you are paying ATT for tethering, why do you have MyWi installed? You don't need both.

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  • MacRumorUser
    Dec 26, 07:29 AM
    Mac Mini.

    I know this is theoretically possible, but just wondering if anyone else has ever done it.

    Is it possible to copy the entire conents (system, everything) from the mac mini internal harddrive onto a lacie external firewire drive. Then choose that as my startup volume and benefit from increased speed?

    I know in theory it should be (well at least if I did a clean install of the os on the lacie) but as I don't want to reinstall all my apps & updates since, i was thinking of just copying the entire HD onto the lacie...

    Anyone done this?

    (I haven't tried yet as I'm still waiting for UPS to deliver the lacie)...

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  • kavika411
    Mar 4, 01:11 PM
    This thread has something to do with taxes?

    No, this thread has to do with an orange dick.

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  • Night Spring
    Apr 17, 11:09 AM
    iPads don't come with owner's manuals -- in fact, can't remember the last iDevice that came with one! Anyway, I recommend that when you get your iPad, you download iBooks from the app store, and do a search for "iPad." Or if you prefer a physical book, you could go to Amazon and search for "iPad" in their books department. Either way, you'll find plenty of selections to choose from.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 9, 01:55 PM
    As evidence that some rich people didn't earn their wealth, you just referenced Enron that went bankrupt, Madoff who went to prison, and the Banks who we bailed out... and would have otherwise gone bankrupt. So, essentially three examples where the free market either did or would have (without government intervention) correctly punished bad businesses. Odd choice.

    Not really. I consider them vastly underpunished. Do you honestly think that all of the wealth that they stole went back where it belonged? How many friends, relatives, smaller investors and purveyors of luxury goods and services recieved a windfall from these criminals? The crime cannot be undone. They spread their ill-gotten gains around for some time and much of it cannot be recovered. Justice is only partially done at best.

    Hardly. All I'm trying to do is better understand your position. You seem to take the position that the majority or mob rule can decide how much money to take from one person without inflicting the same on another person... in effect choosing winners and losers. Furthermore, you seem to not put any limit on this position so it would seem that you feel the majority has the right/ability to take as much money from 'the rich' as they choose to as long as they do it with a majority in the democratic process. This would imply that you don't think that the person who actually earned the wealth has any sort of moral or legal claim on the wealth. Please enlighten me as to where I am going astray in describing your position.

    You love those loaded terms. If taxation is "mob rule", then we've been living under it since the 18th century. As far as "choosing" winners and losers, you seem fine with letting your vaunted "free market" do it; I happen to think that such a process is unjust if unalloyed with further means to prevent excess. The mere fact that a person makes a living and then some from the "free market" does not necessarily make them a legitimate "winner" with the strongest moral claim to all of their wealth. In fact, if you agree with the concept of taxation you already agree with this principle. Your "right" to anything is predicated on your ability to protect it, whether that be through legal processes, or through coercive force. Nothing in "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" specifically states that the top 1% of this nation ought own 50% of the wealth.

    You are ignoring my point about how small cabals of wealthy and powerful people pay lip service to democracy and then do whatever they want - how is this somehow less of an injustice than the rest of us raising taxes on your beloved billionaires? Especially when you aren't one of them?

    Finally, just because you have a legal or moral claim to wealth or property does not mean that you are the only person with a claim, or that your claim is the strongest. All Americans have a very strong moral and legal claim to being able to earn a living - but as wealth increases the moral claim weakens, to the point that the wealthiest people maintain much of their wealth not through any moral right but simply through their own ability to hang on to it. Your first dollar is very much yours - but your ten millionth is up for some debate.

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  • kuebby
    Apr 27, 08:41 PM
    I don't think I've ever heard anything bad about PNY RAM, and $50 is definitely a good deal (and Newegg is the best).

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  • Designer Dale
    Apr 25, 02:37 PM
    No offense, but that fix looks bloody awful.

    Ditto. I thought the guy/gal who did the patch was making a bad funny.


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  • Dreadnought
    May 28, 05:24 AM
    IF you modded, that you can run linux on it, then it's very easy to put folding on it. I will try to convince a friend of mine who mods Xbox's and try it on his, if he wants to. He is a bit carefull with folding, I explained it to him a couple of times, but he doesn't get it. :(

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  • katie ta achoo
    Sep 27, 11:53 PM

    She would be so retro and its an Apple!

    I want one so hard!

    It's real retro, yet people are developing OS X drivers for it.
    GROOVY! :)

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  • Billicus
    Sep 21, 10:25 AM
    Originally posted by Powerbook G5
    We broke the servers! How about that. I guess we wore them out... ;)

    Oh...:eek: It's that picture thread of yours PowerBook G5...lol...:D

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  • takao
    Apr 16, 05:45 AM
    i think it's a little pointless using end of hardware life cycle numbers from the DS and the PSP to now go on making big asumption ... at the end of 2011 the revenue numbers might as well tilt towards the portable makers again with their new hardwares released

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  • AsianChexMix
    May 3, 11:00 AM
    Did you download Ipad 1 firmware 3.2.2 onto your PC?


    I thought it was going to download it itself. The tutorial on iClarified did not say anything about that. I've managed to jailbreak it but need to figure out the unlock process.

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  • AdrianK
    Mar 10, 11:57 AM
    Cheers for the info. Is there any way to get itunes to downscale to 16 bit in order for me to load onto an iPod? I don't want to move down to 128 kbps but something inbetween.

    I don't really understand your question...

    You'll need to re-encode your content, then you can choose whatever bitrate you want if you choose to go lossy, otherwise there's always Apple Lossless. You can use Max for this.

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  • Artofilm
    Jan 20, 10:04 AM
    Apple will release newly designed ACD's along with the newly designed Mac Pro, and since they just released a Mac Pro, I wouldn't think it would be released for maybe another 7 months to a year.

    Don't hold your breath. The current ACD's are amazing.

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  • yg17
    Dec 18, 04:44 PM
    I checked Google, its 1.1

    Apr 6, 09:03 PM
    Now to enable VPN for Cablevision iPad app.

    1. Enable port forwarding on your router to the internal IP address of the Mac running the VPN server software. Enable ports 1723 and 47.
    2. Update/reboot the router.


    3. Install EasyVPN. You can grab it here. It's $5 and allows a 30 day free trail. http://www.squashedsoftware.com/products-easyvpn.php
    4. Click the L2TP/PPTP tab.
    5. Click on enable PPTP.
    6. Set your starting IP address high in the range of the DHCP IP addresses giving out by your router. For example. My router internally is and it starts giving out IPs at I set the VPN server to give out addresses That will allow 5 connections.
    7. Click on Allow 40-bit encyrption keys in addition to 128-bit.


    8. Click on the Client Information tab.
    9. For DNS server put in the internal IP address of your router.
    10. Search Domains put in optimum.net


    11. Click on the User Tab.
    12. Click the + sign and create a user name and password for the VPN account.


    13. Click save.
    14. At the top click and turn on VPN service. If you click the logging tab it should say waiting for connections.
    15. On the iPad click General/Network/VPN/Add VPN Configuration.
    16. Name your connection
    17. For server put in your public IP address. You can get your public IP by going to www.whatismyip.com.
    18. For account put in the account name you created in EasyVPN.
    19. Put in the password you set in EasyVPN.
    20. Encryption Level set it to auto.
    21. Turn on "Send All Traffic"
    22. Click save.


    23. Try connecting. In the easy VPN logging window it will show the iPad connecting to the VPN server.

    Fire up the cablevision app and enjoy Live TV over 3G or external WiFi. ::cool:

    Jan 1, 02:34 PM
    Originally posted by autrefois
    Since people are offering suggestions--one thing I think would be nice is an easier way to get from the forums back to the main macrumors.com site. I know the forums will be updated later, but I hope it's OK to offer it as a suggestion now.

    Unless I'm missing something, there isn't a quick way to get back to the front page from the forums. After I read the posts on one story/topic, I often go back to the main page to look at other news. (I know that Safari has snapback, but sometimes I come directly to the forums from an e-mail notification instead of the main site).

    btw, Happy New Year to All! And thank you Arn for updating the site and reading our comments even on holidays.

    It's down at the bottom of the page:

    Return to Macrumors [linked] or MacBytes[linked]

    Show printable version.....

    I used to have the same problem until I noticed the tiny type.

    Unfortunately, there's no link to get back to the DailyTunes home page when you've crawled into the forums.

    Jul 12, 12:01 PM
    That's good advice. Alternatively, if you just want to store the files as data, don't forget that the iPod also acts as a Firewire HD, so you can store them as both music and data, if you have the room. In iTunes, click the "Enable Firewire HD mode" in the iPod settings. It will appear on the desktop as a storage device then.


    Sep 12, 09:24 PM
    Did anyone else buy a new song? It seemed to me that when I picked up the new Bare Naked Ladies album it downloaded a lot faster and multiple songs at a time now.Yes, I got myself 2 new songs just after upgrading iTunes (getting the total up to 10 :p), but I thought the download was very slow... I presumed this was because of high load after the announcement/upgrade...

    ...but they did seem to download simultaneously... :cool:

    Mar 21, 06:56 PM
    Microsoft have released a USB to wireless dongle specifically for use with wireless pads. Have a look around for it.